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Pleasant Experiences Entertainment (a.k.a. PE Entertainment), founded by Jamez Brooks is an up-and-coming entertainment company whose businesses include recording, artist management and marketing. Upon the company’s inception in November of 2006, two artists were signed: Lux The Bad Guy and Jamez (a.k.a. Mr. Shut tha City Down).

Mr. Brooks’ goal for PE Entertainment is that it will grow to be one of the world’s most prominent entertainment companies – creating opportunities for artists regardless of the genre of music that they perform. In the future, Mr. Brooks also plans on expanding the business offerings of PE Entertainment, making it a one-stop shop for artists and other individuals in the music entertainment industry. As PE Entertainment grows in popularity, Mr. Brooks plans to give to the community that supported him through various philanthropic interests. When asked why he’s so passionate about this, Mr. Brooks replied, “You never truly realize the impact that those in your community, whether it be teachers, coaches, church leaders, etc. have on your life until you look back and evaluate where you came from and where you are now. I want to be able to have that same positive impact on children in the community just as my role models had on me when I was growing up. PE Entertainment’s headquarters are located in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Texas. 

For more information, please send an email to jamezbrooks@peentertainment.com.


Loose Knaillz

Loose Knaillz




Lux 'The Bad Guy'




Goonie so aka Alta Numine

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