PE Ent. Updates

Produced by JayRabbit

Personal Interview

23 (Jordan Year)Official Video
-Yungmar Da Captain
Directed by JayRabbit
Shot&Edited by Alfonzer Harvin

Know My Struggle
-Yungmar Da Captain
Directed by StevenQSpeilberg

Networking -S.G.S.D.

True Soldier
-Mr. ShutDaCityDown

Official "Go Get It" Video -YungMar Da Captain Produced by DaveO Beatz Directed & Shot by Taylor Evans

4/20 Opening for 'Migos' at Ibiza -YungMarDaCaptain & YungNiek

Going to GET IT! -YungMarDaCaptain

F__K Swag Official Video! -YungMar Da Captain Directed & Shot by Taylor Evans Executive Produced by JayRabbit Produced by ThatBoyGood

Inspiration & Motivation -YungMar Da Captain

Rehearsal -LooseKnaillz

-YungMar Da Captain

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